Data is critical to your business

Good data not only enables smooth business operations between manufacturers and retail partners, but it fuels business intelligence for growth. Good data and quality system integrations go hand-in-hand. Whether it’s about ordering the right part, passing a valuable customer lead, enabling efficiency in the service department or processing warranty claims with speed and accuracy, aligned systems that enforce business and data rules are critical.

Motive ensures systems integrations are done right.

You can’t afford to NOT get it right.

Clarity is difficult, mystification is simple.

Clarity of system integration specifications is in the eye of the beholder – usually only clear to the party who publishes them. To make matters worse, specifications are often published without sufficient consideration of dealer use cases.

As a result, subscribers (those integrating their system to the spec) often get it wrong, or are forced to integrate with systems by flexing awkwardly to adhere to requirements, creating downstream risks of non-compliant data and high back end support costs.


No one has time or money to waste.

Integrations are time-consuming and burdensome on your IT and support teams.

If you need to develop API specifications and share them with integrating partners, the time and effort to provide a technical specification and explain the use cases, data rules, and communication protocols can be overwhelming. Add the effort to support your partners’ development effort, validate third party data, provide feedback, and certify the final integration.

If you and your team are responsible to make sense of distinct integration specifications and getting each right in parallel, you’re faced with your own set of costs and challenges.

Let the experts accelerate and clarify the process and ensure mutual success through proven methods and quality feedback mechanisms.

The ONE-to-MANY conundrum

Integrations are crucial in automotive, and with single dealers operating more than a dozen systems on average, the integration landscape can become a complicated web.

So many integrations, not enough time or money…

Modern software and app development is giving rise to more and more companies presenting useful solutions for the full spectrum of dealership functions. Each of these offerings need to integrate to the other systems at the dealership, or to integrate directly to the OEM. As these companies take their offerings to market, they are met with the challenge of unique combinations of systems at each store, and different OEM systems across brands. Check out how MIX greatly reduces your integration effort.

Everyone loves variety.

When it comes to the cars we drive, or the software interfaces we work with to facilitate our business, it’s nice to have a variety of choices. But if a system requires integrated customer, accounting, or vehicle data to realize its full potential and enable fully streamlined workflows for end users, that company should not have to code to an endless variety of proprietary system specifications. MIX is the Rosetta stone of automotive retail integrations – presenting the best-in-breed technical structure for companies to integrate to on the front end, while translating to diverse proprietary implementations on the back end. See how you can reap exponential benefits from fewer integrations with MIX.