Motive Integrator

Motive Integrator is the cornerstone behind everything we do.  It’s the integration automation platform which powers our solutions. As an out of the box integration solution this web based platform is powerful enough for experienced users, yet intuitive and easy enough for business analysts with moderate integration experience to confidently navigate and complete implementation tasks. It is part content management system, part developer IDE, part testing platform, part collaboration environment. Motive Integrator embodies the tools and processes needed for effective and efficient management of Integration programs.  From design to rollout and beyond. Check out the Motive Integrator video to learn more.

Integration Automation Platform


Begin with industry data standards, then define your precise API data requirements and business rules. Learn More


Motive Integrator can support a formal certification of systems - business and technical, self service certification and everything in between.​ Learn More


Creating customized APIs based on industry data standards or any other XML schema has never been easier! Learn More


A comprehensive reporting and project management suite, including operational reporting and process support for interface management. Learn More