Managed Service

Many integration projects don’t get off the ground or are at best delayed because resources are limited.  Maybe you lack integration SMEs, or just don’t have the bandwidth or access to the kind of tools needed for success.

Motive Retail has knowledgeable subject matter experts, proven processes and an integration automation platform, Motive Integrator which was designed for managing all aspects of an integration program.

We can provide an end to end managed service which includes the support, process and coordination needed for testing and certifying systems.  Whether you have 1 or 100 systems and vendors who will implement your interfaces, Motive Retail can support your program.

Outsource Heavy Lifting | Professional Management | Results Oriented

Motive Integrator Set-up

Detailed data requirements and integration specifications

Sample files, documents, and code

Developer testing tools – communications, payloads

Simulated services for testing all aspects of an interface including business process

Automated test cases

Real time Validation API

Program and Certification Information

Trading Partner Onboarding

Motive Integrator is used in every project phase by your Trading Partners – developers, QA testers, business analysts, product and project managers

Motive support team handles technical, SME and program support issues on behalf of our customers

Robust reporting and visibility of projects for all parties


Audit or re-Certify trading partner implementations via a real-time Validation Service

Manage software rollouts and configuration of interfaces

Interface activations and deactivations across all trading partners

Interface usage and activity reporting

“I appreciate the fact that we are able to “hand off” the 3rd party certification process to Motive Retail and know that everything will go smoothly. Having great technical support and a single point of contact is a big plus for us. Using the Motive Integrator platform allows us to rollout 3rd party integrations much faster with fewer IT resources.”