Real Time Validation  
Rigorous Certification Testing is necessary in most cases as a means for ensuring that your trading partners have implemented your interfaces correctly and according to your requirements.  But with all software, new versions and releases sometimes lead to changes which impact the performance of the integration, and more importantly, could lead to business process issues such as a negative impact to internal systems, other downstream partner systems, and could impact your users causing a poor customer experience.

To address this, Motive Integrator provides a real-time validation of all messages being sent in to your systems.  This can be utilized for ALL production messages or as an audit process to ensure ongoing compliance and data quality. 

  • Motive Integrator evaluates all inbound messages on the fly
  • Real-time errors returned to the sending and/or receiving systems
  • No data stored by Motive Integrator system

If you have concerns over whether you can enforce a process for your trading partners to “self-test” for regression issues when they make changes, then a real-time validation of all inbound messages being sent to your systems addresses this.

Or perhaps you simply want to offer a test environment with real-time error messaging to guide a developer through a project and allow him to self-test or self certify?

Validate your unique data and business requirements during production operations using Motive Integrator


Some trading partners lack the technical ability to comply with integration requirements and may need extra help to take their data, in whatever format they can produce it, and deliver it to a Web Service/API.  In other cases an interface publisher may not want to set-up and manage smart B2B endpoints supporting dozens of trading partners. In either case Motive Retail can help.

Our integration services focus on connecting the systems you need. Motive Integrator manages business critical data flows every day.

Ensure integration functionality is rolled out efficiently and on time.

Ensure integration functionality is maintained as endpoints, end users and systems evolve.


Rollout of certified software must be coordinated across trading partners.  Activities such as training, communications, pilots and of course the technical coordination are usually part of an overall program.  Motive Integrator provides support and online tools to manage these processes both during the initial rollout and as an ongoing service to our customers.

  • Submit, track and report on third-party activations/deactivations via Motive Integrator
  • Support operations through automated workflows and/or system integration
  • Access real-time reports on data from both customer and trading partner systems