Motive Integrator’s design functionality allows users to begin with industry standards, proprietary XML schemas or JSON instance documents.  

Everything begins with data.  Using industry standards such as STAR or CIECA, proprietary XML schemas, XML or JSON instance documents or even flat files, users are able to design and define their data structures in Motive Integrator.  With the basic data structure in place, precise API requirements and business rules can also be defined. Through a seamless process, users are able to prepare documentation, business validation rules, example data and definition of simulated responses and test data.

Does your world also include legacy systems and interfaces… doesn’t everyone’s?

We support flat / fixed position data files exchanged via ftp or sftp and other proprietary protocols.

Motive Integrator enables you to publish and test all manners of interface and API designs.


Publish requirements to your team using our unique ActiveSpec format. Revise, update, and re-publish on the fly; change control procedures help keep you in sync.


Automatically generate sample files and documents for developer use, API code via swagger, and the data definition in Motive Integrator.


Validate your requirements through testing and verification in Motive Integrator. Evaluate all payloads your system will produce early in your design and development process.


Enforce and leverage industry standards such as STAR and CIECA schemas while putting them to work for your use cases. Utilize the OpenAPI standard request / response data definitions.

Industry Standards​

Industry standards organizations have historically provided great value to their members by providing a common (but imperfect) language for communicating electronically with each other. XML schema provides a good foundation for defining and describing an industry’s common business data objects. While most industry standards organizations define their data standards using XML schema (XSD), most developers are increasingly implementing new APIs with JSON data structures.

Motive Integrator bridges this divide. Start from industry-standard XML Schema and produce standards-derived REST/JSON APIs.            

Begin the design of your APIs and interfaces in Motive Integrator and get your data right.

Data Requirements & Business Rules

Data design is crucially important because system interfaces typically involve complex business objects with many data requirements and business rules for payloads like vehicle configurations, repair orders and vehicle sales in automotive or workshop estimates and insurance claims in the collision industry.

Motive Integrator helps you define data requirements, business rules and messaging patterns via an easy to follow process even non technical users can feel comfortable with.

Data Requirements

  • Required vs. Optional
  • Enumerated Values
  • Formats
  • Field Lengths

Business Rules

  • Conditionally Required Elements
  • Conditionally Allowed/Disallowed Values
  • Internal Consistency Calculations

Messaging Patterns

  • Requests / Responses
  • Synchronous / Asynchronous
  • Real and near real time / Batch

From design to testing using a simple step by step process all within Motive Integrator

  • Produce and publish detailed specifications within your organization
  • Auto generate example API requests, sample files, and simulator service
  • Auto generate developer testing tools for real time validation of payloads
  • Support collaboration between business product owners, analysts, developers, and testers on a central platform