If you are publishing interfaces which DMS vendors, insurance companies and other third parties will implement, then you are, most likely thinking about how to verify they have met your requirements.  

Motive Integrator provides customers a means to certify implementations against a well-defined set of test cases using our Validation API, Simulation Services and Certification Testing components.  It can support a formal certification of systems addressing both business and technical requirements, a self certification process, ad-hoc testing, and everything in between.

Provide all the tools and information needed by your trading partners to help them implement, test and certify new interfaces.

Online Integration Kit

Configure and publish high quality integration specifications and ActiveSpecsTM to clearly communicate your requirements and business rules

Automatically configure XML or JSON payload validation to return errors for all data requirements and business rules

One step generation of sample files and documents for a quick and easy start to an implementation project

Publish simulation services and developer communication tools for SOAP and REST services

Define test cases (automated and manual) which trading partners can execute to verify production-readiness

Testing, Test Cases and Certification

Validate adherence to technical specifications and business requirements

Developer Testing Tools

Available during projects and used for unit testing as well as regression testing.

Certification Testing

Highly structured to comprehensively test the 3rd party system meets our client's requirements.

End-to-End Testing

Supported by Motive's team or managed directly by our clients once all other testing is complete.

Simulated Web Services

Help developers verify performance of interfaces.

Test Cases

Automated tests for instant feedback and correction if necessary. Manually evaluated tests also available.

Live Pilot Testing

Highly recommended, acting as a final UAT.