Motive Integrator eXchange (MIX) is changing the way automotive retail systems integrate.

MIX APIs replace the need for automotive software and service companies to integrate to many unique, proprietary systems with the ease and speed of integrating once to MIX. Motive Retail leverages its broad industry knowledge and its neutrality to present a set of standardized APIs for common automotive retail data sets used by all automotive companies. Stop burning effort and money on the integration process and realize the benefits of MIX.


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Streamline development efforts by developing once to the MIX RESTful/JSON standard APIs of your choice and connect to multiple available automotive companies – including OEMs, DMS and more.


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Consolidate the number of APIs you support while still delivering business-critical integration connections.


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Grow your integration footprint by integrating with more automotive companies, which connect you to more dealers and more customers.


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Improve integration through 24/7 access to Motive Integrator testing tools and our best in class integration support.


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Simplify operational dealership activation / deactivation processes through a single process and provider.


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Manage fewer contracts and invoices while enabling the same or more integration transactions.


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Access MIX reporting and transactional audit tools anytime for detailed information.


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Accelerate the pace at which you integrate with available OEM, DMS and other dealer software providers.

Companies can choose to invest and develop in their choice of MIX standard APIs once, and benefit from the connections to systems that are a part of the growing MIX network.

MIX Standardized APIs

Following is a list of available standard APIs.  The list is constantly being updated.  If you don’t see an API you are looking for, please contact us with the API of interest and we can update you on its availability.  For more information about integrating to any of the APIs and benefiting from access to any of the providers in our DMS network, fill out this form and indicate your API(s) and DMS(s) of interest.  We’ll get back with you right away!

GET Customer
POST Customer
GET Deal
GET Deal Configuration
GET Employee
GET Labor Operations
GET Parts Inventory
GET Parts Invoice
POST Parts Invoice
GET Parts Order
POST Parts Order
POST Parts Receipt
GET Repair Order
POST Repair Order
GET Service Appointment
POST Service Appointment
GET Vehicle Inventory


MIX is continually onboarding new APIs. Please contact us for the most current list of available services.

MIX DMS Network

MIX has helped the following companies grow their dealer footprint, and we look forward to helping many more!