Motive IntegratorTM Certify accelerates integrations and ensures data integrity both at the point of integration, and throughout production.

Motive IntegratorTM Certify simplifies and improves the process of third party systems integrations. It handles the end-to-end integration process – from the design and publishing of API specifications, to validation, testing, and ultimately, to delivering certified systems – all while providing project management insight and handling ancillary services like retail store activation and regression testing of already-certified systems.  Once in production, Motive Integrator’s powerful validation engine can continuously certify the integration at periods determined by the publishing party.

Design &

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Motive Integrator’s proprietary knowledge base and active specification format outlines all business and technical requirements needed for successful integrations in a clear, consistent manner.

Develop &

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Motive Integrator’s powerful platform tests adherence of data being passed across systems without burdening back-end publisher systems, while providing real-time feedback to developers to align code and ensure accurate system compatibility.

Test &

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Motive Retail’s testing strategy balances the rigor needed to assure systems interoperability and data integrity with the ability for third parties to develop quickly and easily.

Program Management

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Publishing parties can manage projects with communication and reporting tools that show progress and key activity across individual projects and collections of projects.

Rollout & Maintenance

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Motive Integrator can handle requesting, tracking and facilitating dealer activation for rollout. It can also host comprehensive OEM program information, such as available integrations, regional implementation guidelines, and DMS status.

Design & Publish

Users can utilize industry standards, proprietary XML schemas or JSON instance documents and define business and technical rules, communication and authentication protocols, and more.

Whether your specs are in the design or published state, Motive Retail applies its industry expertise and system neutrality to challenge ambiguity and bring clarity to original source technical specs and business use cases, ensuring that technical requirements align to end user use cases and facilitate the data necessary to operate business and drive business intelligence. Specifications are then presented in a proprietary, interactive online format that’s easily understood and navigated.

Develop & Validate

Motive Integrator’s validation engine tests systems compatibility and provides real time detailed technical and business feedback to calibrate integration code and ultimately certify systems.

Motive Integrator provides sample files to be used as a reference for both request and response files.

Developers have unlimited access to practice use-case based test cases to ensure they’re ready before beginning actual, recorded testing.

Test & Certify

While having the ability to flex to any level of rigor needed by our clients, Motive Integrator can support a testing strategy that enforces technical and business rules which ensure smooth interoperability of systems and high data integrity.

Motive Integrator’s phased testing approach embraces the shift left philosophy and tests systems first against mock services fully hosted within Motive Integrator, and only once verified, progresses the developer to testing against OEM/publisher QA environments. Motive Retail’s industry expert support can even validate third party system artifacts (invoices, orders, etc.) against back-end database values as part of the certification process.

Program Management

Access dashboards to quickly understand overall program and individual project status. Drill in for details, including notes and project attachments, and export data for internal distribution.

Leverage communication tools to notify your partners regarding important program information and to manage project related notices.

Gain valuable program insights like cycle time, regional implementation trends, and information on partner projects and rollout plans.

Continuous Certification

Performing a rigorous one-time certification is an important step toward ensuring the quality of the data coming into your systems.  Unfortunately, though, it is no guarantee of ongoing data quality.  Your API subscribers are constantly modifying the code in their systems.  Sometimes those modifications affect your APIs.  Subscribing to Continuous Certification will ensure your API subscribers don’t break your APIs.