You’ve Integrated.

Now, ensure data quality is maintained and make certain ONLY authorized parties get access to the data they need.

Inbound Data Validation

Systems integration certification verifies systems at a point-in-time, but API subscriber systems change with each planned release, and inbound data can ‘break’

Motive Integrator’s powerful  automated data validation engine can be configured to evaluate data rules  at both full business object and individual data element levels, delivering immediate, detailed feedback to dealer system users.

Authorization Services

Motive Integrator’s Authorization platform handles the full workflow of activation, authorization and all related communication, conflict resolution and reporting for all parties.


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Tracks collection of all partner requests and legally required documents of dealer consent for your receipt of dealer data


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Ensures compliance with state and local data laws and regulations



Real-time authentication & authorization of all inbound API calls verifying caller is known and authorized to use the API on behalf of the dealer

Program Management

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Reports and dashboards allow managers to pull status and activity at any point in time.