Construction Equipment

Much like other industries, Construction has requirements for integration across a retail network

The ability to connect systems used by dealers, manufacturers and other third parties, sharing data transparently and in many cases in real-time can be a game changer.  Competitive advantage is possible by leveraging standards, best practices and automated solutions to help you deliver the business results real alignment with retail can offer.

Our customers are trading partners who are trying to design, implement or rollout standard interfaces and have one or more systems who will need to implement those interfaces. Manufacturers, DMS Providers, 3rd Party and other solution providers all fall into this category.  In our world, this means you have a program you’ll need to manage….or at the very least, a collection of projects with each company that you’ll need to support.

You can either hand your project off to us to manage or we’ll provide you with the software that will enable you to do it yourself. 

You choose.


From the humble beginnings of collecting basic equipment data, telematics has become a driving force in construction equipment. The ability to collect, aggregate, analyze and take action on data in real time is the holy grail of the industry. It promises massive benefits in efficiencies, safety and profits. But the key to making telematics work for you is the ability to rapidly design, develop, test and certify interfaces and systems. Combining systems from multiple manufacturers increases the complexities, but integration automation can overcome these hurdles.


Just as mobility is producing huge changes in automotive, more and more equipment operators are looking to more flexible strategies for deploying equipment. Rentals, shorter term leases and even shared ownership are becoming more common. Rapid, flexible development of interfaces to support these trends, coupled with the ability to test and rollout to your dealers, will ensure that you stay ahead of the competition. Our solutions can remove the burden of designing and rolling out new rental interfaces.

Parts Supply Chain

Few industries are as dependent on a rapid and responsive supply chain as the construction equipment industry. Forget “time is money” being a metaphor, it literally is the mantra of any successful equipment operator. Many manufacturers guarantee 48 hour or less delivery of parts.

This is only possible via a complete and seamless integration involving telematics, dealers, manufacturers and supply chain partners. Robust, real-time data integrations will power the efficient production and delivery of vital replacement parts. The manufacturer with the best system will dominate this critical brand differentiator. Motive Integrator’s platform can ensure that you have the tightest possible integration and most advanced interfaces.