Automotive Retail

Motive Retail provides solutions to help our automotive customers and their dealer networks improve retail performance through integration of systems.  

Concepts such as open integration, data sharing, and data security have plagued the industry for years and these days they’re hot topics. 

Today’s consumers have expectations which are driving changes in the way that vehicles and equipment are marketed and sold. This is also driving greater demand for data and the integration of retail processes across systems from the manufacturer to the DMS to 3rd party systems.  New selling channels and end to end integration of the sales process, from the earliest lead through to financing the sale, present opportunities for system integration to enable a seamless experience for the end customer.  Initiatives in aftersales drive similar requirements when it comes to the service process and there are still those routine types of interactions that have been around for years like managing parts, warranty claims and more. 

Our customers are trading partners who are trying to design, implement or rollout standard interfaces and have one or more systems who will need to implement those interfaces.

Manufacturers, DMS Providers, 3rd Party and other solution providers all fall into this category. In our world, this means you have a program you’ll need to manage… or at the very least, a collection of projects with each company that you’ll need to support. 

Hand off your project for us to manage or we’ll provide you Motive Integrator so you can do it yourself.

You choose.


Motive Integrator can be licensed as a standalone system and used on a subscription basis for those customers who prefer to manage their own programs and projects. Learn More

Managed Service

Motive Retail has knowledgeable subject matter experts, proven processes and an integration automation platform, Motive Integrator, which was designed for managing all aspects of an integration program. Learn More


Design your interfaces for compliance with standards organizations while meeting your own requirements


Benefit from a "virtual", hands-off testing environment for developers


Host interfaces in Motive Integrator for a fully outsourced solution


Have real time, 360⁰ project and transactional visibility