Proving Success Solving Complex Problems

Arguably, there might not be a more powerful value proposition than being able to illustrate successful use-cases of current clients who entrust in your products and services to help them solve their complex problems. Recently Jaguar Land Rover North America (JLRNA) engaged Motive Retail to help them pave a path for certifying more DSP partners to quickly and easily integrate…

Challenge, Opportunity…or both?

Depending on who you talk to, the average dealership in North America uses anywhere from 14 to 18 software systems to run its business.  Some suggest this is 3x as many as just a few years ago. Others suggest that as more and more of the car buying experience moves online, this only gets even more complex. Perhaps Dealer Systems…

Digital Iron And Business Process Integration


Business Process Integration (BPI) 

Our previous blog examined the need for more standardization of data transmission within the construction industry. We touched on the construction industry’s historically low level of productivity gains, and how better data could help boost iron.png

And we looked at the success of the telematics standards as an example of how data from the site and equipment can provide far reaching benefits across the entire industry.