Don’t Let Another Deal Slip Over Systems Integration!

  Folks, there is no doubt about it, being able to effectively implement and manage systems integration continues to emerge as a necessary evil in the dealership system provider (DSP) space.  No matter how you look at it, your company has to be able to quickly and efficiently deliver on integration needs for both your prospects and customers. If you…

Daimler Transforms Retail Integration




In 2012, Daimler became one of the pioneers in automotive integration by adopting an open approach to dealer system integration. At first, like many manufacturers, they believed that by standardizing the software choices available to their dealers, they were simplifying dealer integration and reducing their risks and costs. However, after objectively reviewing the results…

The Automobile And Silicon Valley Collide (And It’s A Good Thing)

It appears that one of the most iconic pieces of hardware (the automobile) is finally getting an upgrade. Just as typewriters and wired telephones were transformed into computers and smartphones, the automobile is rapidly undergoing a transformation of its own. While computers and electronics have been part of the automobile since the late 70’s, the focus had been primarily on engine and drivetrain management.