Proving Success Solving Complex Problems

Arguably, there might not be a more powerful value proposition than being able to illustrate successful use-cases of current clients who entrust in your products and services to help them solve their complex problems. Recently Jaguar Land Rover North America (JLRNA) engaged Motive Retail to help them pave a path for certifying more DSP partners to quickly and easily integrate…

Surely You’re Joking


There is a famous book by the Nobel Prize physicist Richard Feynman titled Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman. I couldn’t help but think of that title during my last few adventures at local car dealerships. In the first instance, we had our vehicle serviced at a large local dealership. When we went to the service department to pay our hefty bill, the cashier excused herself, went into a back room and returned with a cardboard box filled with paperwork. She then proceeded to search through this pile of invoices until she found ours. Huh? Had we accidentally stepped back in time to 1982? Should we head home to watch the latest video on MTV? Okay, maybe their computers were down and they had to temporarily go old school. Things happen. A few weeks later we returned for another major repair.

Seven Is Our Lucky Number

Do you remember 2008? The financial crisis, the beginning of the “Great Recession”?

What a great time to start a business right? But wait, it gets better. How about starting a business in the automotive industry? At a time when many large automakers were teetering on the verge of bankruptcy and closing dealerships, seven years ago, Motive Retail was opening its doors for the very first time. Why? Because we knew 2 things:

1) The automotive industry would come back stronger than ever

2) We were incredibly passionate about the industry and had a great idea that we needed to share

Technology Upgrades: Is it Time To Act?

“I Never Worry About Action, Only Inaction” Winston Churchill Humans are pre-programmed to avoid risk and seek safety. We only overcome the need for safety when we believe that the reward will be bigger than the risk. The limitation of that thinking is that risk/reward is a matter of perception (influenced by many factors) and thus not always based on fact. If our perception is that the risk is greater than the reward, we often choose inaction. We may falsely believe that the best choice is no choice; to maintain the status quo. This can be especially true with technology. Some OEMs have a measure of fear, uncertainty and doubt that causes delays in upgrading their technology infrastructure.

Motive Integrator Self Certification

Until now Motive has provided certification services strictly as a managed service based on our Motive Integrator software. This approach has worked well as Motive Integrator provided the platform on which Motive Integration Analysts have delivered more than 150 dealer system certifications. In the process we have continuously improved Motive Integrator to make the support and certification process more and more intuitive and increasingly automated. The result is a proven system that can stand on its own and deliver certified dealer systems supported by OEM teams as easily as Motive’s team.