Improving Customer Experience with Dealer Systems Integration

A story in this week’s Automotive News (“This tile, that gray: Chevy’s store plan by the book“) shows how much focus automakers direct toward the physical design of their dealerships and the attention to detail necessary to create an environment that reinforces desired brand impressions and customer experiences. The design of the store is critically important, but is only one factor influencing customer experience. Customer experience is also shaped by the efficiency of their interactions with the dealer, and by extension, the automaker. Since dealer operations in sales, service and parts today are largely driven by the dealer’s computer systems, the ability of those systems to seamlessly integrate with the automaker’s systems is now an extremely important contributor to customer experience.

Competition breeds innovation in dealer systems

Both Nissan and Toyota Motor Sales are in the process of expanding their integration programs to work with more DSPs, as reported in Automotive News this week (“Nissan dealers expect DMS costs to drop”). In both cases they will go from supporting integration with 2 DMS systems to 8, significantly expanding the choice of integrated systems for their dealer networks.