The Car Buyer Has Spoken. Are You Listening?

Rising Above Your Competitors

Times have changed in automotive. The “arms race” is over. By that, I mean gone are the days when Woman-yelling-in-megaphone_175.pngmanufacturers were engaged in a continual battle for the hearts and minds of customers via the introduction of newer and better features. Airbags, traction control, anti-lock brakes, better fuel economy, greater comfort, all of these were part of the game of one upmanship that manufacturers engaged in, trying to separate their brand from others.

True, new features like…

Why F&I Should Matter To You

The Case For Better F&I

If you are part of your company’s F&I operations, you probably know how important F&I is to your dealers profits. The general trend over the past FI_175x175.jpegdecade has seen an increase in the importance of F&I. NADA reported that F&I contributed to 39% of the gross profit for new and used vehicles. F&I also contributes directly to OEM profits via captive finance/leasing and …