Powersports Manufacturers Re-Thinking Dealer Integration

                                      An Avalanche Of Data




The powersports industry is increasingly becoming aware of the value of its data. There are over 700,000 Motorcycle/ATV unit sales each year, plus an additional 100,000 snowmobiles. Factor in the thousands of consumers interacting with powersports websites, marketing systems and CRMs, and huge quantities of valuable data are produced daily. Dealers also accumulate data from parts and repair transactions as well as F&I. All combined,the amount of customer data aggregated at each dealer is significant. …

How To Master Dealer Integration[Video]

What Does Integration Mean For You?

Fast, efficient automotive integration has never been more important than it is today. Rising consumer expectations, the carsalesperson175.pngimpact of the connected car, challenges from the tech industry and the critical need for a more efficient automotive industry are driving integration forward. Better and faster integration methods are now available and have many benefits.

Will Automakers Lose Out On This $400 Billion Opportunity?

Is The Connected Car Living Up To It’s Hype?

Just how big is the connected car market going to be? Accenture estimates that it has the global potential to reach a total €500 billion by 2025  or roughly $430 billion USD. Much of that revenue would be in theopportunity175.png form of data access fees and service/software subscriptions. These revenue streams typically feature much higher gross margins than …