NADA Urges for Change to Data Integration Model

This week an “advertorial” was published in Automotive News, written by Peter Welch, the current president and CEO of the National Automobile Dealers Association.  Peter, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Data IS the auto retail industry’s oxygen. We’re working every day to enable the integration of data across the automotive ecosystem and as I’ve said before…we’re just getting…

Bring on the Automotive CRM Shift!

I came across this article written by Todd Smith President and CEO of 360Converge, Inc. “7 Seismic Shifts Coming to Automotive CRM,” a few days ago.  The title speaks for itself as to what the article is about, but what really caught my attention and what I hope becomes a reality are three things:   Enhanced Lead Data and the…

Digital Iron And Business Process Integration


Business Process Integration (BPI) 

Our previous blog examined the need for more standardization of data transmission within the construction industry. We touched on the construction industry’s historically low level of productivity gains, and how better data could help boost iron.png

And we looked at the success of the telematics standards as an example of how data from the site and equipment can provide far reaching benefits across the entire industry.