100 Successful DMS Integration Projects for Daimler

For the past 6 years, Motive Retail has partnered with Daimler to support their Retail Integration Program.  Daimler’s Retail Integration Program enables integration of dealer systems (notably DMS systems) to integrate with Daimler’s back-end systems.  This past June marked the completion of the 100th integration project, a significant milestone. For Daimler, their main goal is to facilitate more integration and…

Daimler Transforms Retail Integration




In 2012, Daimler became one of the pioneers in automotive integration by adopting an open approach to dealer system integration. At first, like many manufacturers, they believed that by standardizing the software choices available to their dealers, they were simplifying dealer integration and reducing their risks and costs. However, after objectively reviewing the results…

The Retail Integration Dilemma””

For any OEM managers tasked with integrating their dealers’ systems, we recommend getting a copy of the Woods & Seaton “Briefing No. 11” and “Update to Briefing No. 11”. Mike Seaton has been a fixture in the automotive retail systems world for many years providing information, analysis and commentary—often highly amusing. In these recent Briefings, Mike provides a clear and concise description of an automotive retail systems integration dilemma facing global automakers today.