Tips To Maintaining a Successful Integration Partner Program

Having been exposed to the world of automotive retail technology for several years now, I’ve learned that there is no end in sight to the ever-changing needs of the market. Ultimately what continues to evolve is the demand for tighter holistic systems integration. At this point in my career, my greatest success has come by way of building and growing…

Automotive & The Amazon Effect”: Ride The Wave or Get Buried”

Surviving the Tsunami

In previous posts, we’ve covered some of the challenges that automotive is facing. These included; changing consumer tsunami175.pngexpectations, the need for better data to improve operational efficiencies and to enhance the consumer experience, as well as changes regarding the connected car/mobility paradigm shift.

To be sure, the industry …

Dealer Integration Drives Sales

Dealer Systems Integration (DSI) sounds like an IT thing – not something OEM sales and marketing execs should be spending their time on. Nothing could be further from the truth. Automotive sales and marketing execs must understand that, in the digital world we now inhabit, DSI is key to driving sales. As consumers move more and more of their brand interaction online, the need for tight, real-time coordination between dealer and OEM is quickly becoming competitive necessity. Real-time coordination with dealers is achieved through Dealer Systems Integration.