Will Automakers Lose Out On This $400 Billion Opportunity?

Is The Connected Car Living Up To It’s Hype?

Just how big is the connected car market going to be? Accenture estimates that it has the global potential to reach a total €500 billion by 2025  or roughly $430 billion USD. Much of that revenue would be in theopportunity175.png form of data access fees and service/software subscriptions. These revenue streams typically feature much higher gross margins than …

Connected Car? Not So Fast

More Than A Smartphone

The connected car has been called a “smartphone” on wheels. Unfortunately, that phrase became outdated almost before it wasconnected_car_slow_175.png invented. While the initial vision may have been for a better way to integrate our electronic devices with our vehicles, technology has rapidly pushed way beyond that.

Current and projected features associated with the connected car now include …