Tips To Maintaining a Successful Integration Partner Program

Having been exposed to the world of automotive retail technology for several years now, I’ve learned that there is no end in sight to the ever-changing needs of the market. Ultimately what continues to evolve is the demand for tighter holistic systems integration. At this point in my career, my greatest success has come by way of building and growing…

Striving for Continuous Improvement

We’ve published several articles in this blog about expanding the functionality in Motive Integrator, refining our processes for Dealer System Certification, and even Self Certification. Our organization has made huge strides toward providing Subscribers and Publishers with the tools needed to effectively implement and test integrations.

On Demand Integration

When TiVo came along and freed people from the constraints of TV programming schedules, they were thrilled with the ability to watch shows “On Demand”. These days the concept of services or products being available “On Demand” is not only commonly understood, but increasingly it is expected. Now, in order to lower costs and satisfy customers, solutions of all sorts must be flexible, self-service and online.