Bring on the Automotive CRM Shift!

I came across this article written by Todd Smith President and CEO of 360Converge, Inc. “7 Seismic Shifts Coming to Automotive CRM,” a few days ago.  The title speaks for itself as to what the article is about, but what really caught my attention and what I hope becomes a reality are three things:   Enhanced Lead Data and the potential that a STAR format can be…

Use STAR BODs? Read On

Another Reason To Be A Part Of STAR

In December, the Standards for Automotive Retail Technology (STAR) star_logo_cropped_v2.pngannounced that they would soon be adding an exciting new benefit for their members. Well, this new benefit is now available. STAR has given members complimentary access to XDesign™, which was developed by STAR member Motive Retail.

What is XDesign™? …

Connected Car? Not So Fast

More Than A Smartphone

The connected car has been called a “smartphone” on wheels. Unfortunately, that phrase became outdated almost before it wasconnected_car_slow_175.png invented. While the initial vision may have been for a better way to integrate our electronic devices with our vehicles, technology has rapidly pushed way beyond that.

Current and projected features associated with the connected car now include …