Proving Success Solving Complex Problems

Arguably, there might not be a more powerful value proposition than being able to illustrate successful use-cases of current clients who entrust in your products and services to help them solve their complex problems. Recently Jaguar Land Rover North America (JLRNA) engaged Motive Retail to help them pave a path for certifying more DSP partners to quickly and easily integrate…

Motive Integrator Self Certification

Until now Motive has provided certification services strictly as a managed service based on our Motive Integrator software. This approach has worked well as Motive Integrator provided the platform on which Motive Integration Analysts have delivered more than 150 dealer system certifications. In the process we have continuously improved Motive Integrator to make the support and certification process more and more intuitive and increasingly automated. The result is a proven system that can stand on its own and deliver certified dealer systems supported by OEM teams as easily as Motive’s team.

Announcing New Motive Integrator Apps

Today we’re announcing a significant enhancement in functionality to Motive Integrator. New Dealer Roll-out Management Apps have been added for our automaker clients to complement the functionality already available in the Motive Integrator Dealer Suite. These apps provide automakers a consistent, structured and streamlined set of tools for use during the launch of new software, interfaces or programs to their dealer networks.