NADA 2020 – See you there!

We are looking forward to seeing old friends and new acquaintances this week at the NADA show in Las Vegas. Every year, the convergence of so many parties in automotive provides a unique opportunity to build holistic perspectives on how changes in industry are driving the offerings that support automotive.  With ever-diversifying car buying personas and car buying methods, one…

Tapping into Automotive Telematics Data

In an economy where data is an increasingly valuable commodity, questions over data ownership rights continue to find an audience in economic, political, legal and even technical debates.  In the 2019 Auto Care Legislative Summit in September, a bill was further discussed that is advocating for increased consumer and independent garage facilities rights to telematically transmitted vehicle diagnostic and repair…

Digital Iron And Business Process Integration


Business Process Integration (BPI) 

Our previous blog examined the need for more standardization of data transmission within the construction industry. We touched on the construction industry’s historically low level of productivity gains, and how better data could help boost iron.png

And we looked at the success of the telematics standards as an example of how data from the site and equipment can provide far reaching benefits across the entire industry.