The Digital Shift may be furthering the proliferation of auto-tech companies

Just as technology has evolved in our everyday lives, our consumer experiences have as well.   Shopping online is the norm; we expect to get follow-ups via text and email; we have access to almost unlimited information about any product we may want.  Therefore, it’s no surprise that automotive shopping has evolved as well.  And our current circumstances have accelerated this push to digital retailing.  


On the information and entertainment front, we all carry our personal assistants around almost everywhere.  Google, Alexa and Siri provide us with instant answers and entertainment.  They have naturally followed us to our vehicles.  Our connected cars now talk directly to our dealerships, our phones, the manufacturers. We can push a button and talk to a real person to schedule a service visit, and our engines’ diagnostics data is waiting for us when we get there.


All of these examples rely heavily on integrations between systems like the DMS and the innovative software applications that are proliferating in large part to support the shift in consumer behavior.  In the past, the DMS providers were the one-stop-shop for all dealer needs, just like the mall was our one-stop-shop for consumer needs.  But just a glance at the latest Steve Greenfield’s Automotive Ventures Newsletter shows the ever-growing picture of a new expansive ‘Automotive Technology Landscape.’