Motive Retail Covid19 Shelter-in-Place Week 6 Update

Six weeks into Motive Retail’s Covid-19 shelter-in-place protocol, here’s a quick update on how the virus has affected our work:

  • We’ve fine-tuned our work efficiency tools (JIRA boards, agile rituals, etc) to the point where we may be BETTER aligned on work across the team than before Covid!
  • We’ve increased all-hands standups over video call from 1x/week to 2x/week, while maintaining our regular Thursday all-hands meeting where we rotate presentations by team members on industry topics or other work-related educational topics.
  • We regularly complement our work video calls with virtual happy hours at the end of the week.
  • We’ve opened several new Slack channels to share food & cocktail recipes, workout-at-home tips, and home improvement project updates, and created new knowledge base articles to provide a wealth of shelter-in-place resources.

It’s not all wins, however.  We realize some of our team (at least collectively) is NOT gifted at music collaboration over video chat, but we are humble enough to share with you our laughable attempt to sing Happy Birthday to two colleagues this month.  No Grammys are in store for Motive Retail!