Inspiration from Newton in Challenging Times

We are witnessing times many of us never thought we’d experience in our lifetime.  At Motive Retail, we are grateful that we are able to maintain full business continuity with 100% of our staff working from their homes. We are also grateful that we entered this period:

1. With a healthy backlog of work, including 

  • New integration certification programs from existing OEM partners – ranging from traditional services like parts inventory management and ordering, to new services like customer permissioning across European retail operations to maintain GDPR compliance.
  • Integration certification programs from two new OEM partners.  More to come on these partnerships soon!

2. Making a huge impact with our new MIX standard set of APIs

  • Accelerating MIX rollouts, thereby lowering integration costs and efforts across automotive retail 
    • Entering partnerships with two new North American DMS
    • Consistent 30% MoM growth rate in our Third Party (3P) network 

3. Set up to make our Newton contributions with our focused time:

  • Our product team is excited to double down on our roadmap to soon release optimized and new functionality for publisher & automotive customers
  • Delivering consulting projects to inform integration roadmaps for three distinct OEMs
  • Investing in the professional development of our team, leveraging Udemy to grow our skills so we can ultimately deliver the best product and services to our customers

We sincerely hope that you, too, are finding silver linings in this situation, and we look forward to hearing of the innovative contributions from our partners that will be born of these times!