Three New Short Videos from Motive Retail

They say that reading text gives the brain a much better workout than taking in information via video, but if you’re like me, you do your gym time every day reading emails, reports, and other print and electronic publications throughout your workday. Motive Retail is pleased to give your brain a little visual stimulation by sharing three new videos on our website – each only a minute long. 

Get a quick overview of how and why we strive to help hundreds of manufacturers and dealer software providers integrate their systems in the fastest and easiest way possible.

See how our systems integration certification platform simplifies, accelerates and improves integrations to OEM systems across the globe for over a decade.

Motive Integrator eXchange, or MIX, provides a set of standard APIs where dealer system providers can integrate to the API(s) of choice, and benefit from integrating in one effort to multiple Dealer Management Systems (DMS) on the back side.

So get out the popcorn, lean back, and enjoy the show!