100 Successful DMS Integration Projects for Daimler

For the past 6 years, Motive Retail has partnered with Daimler to support their Retail Integration Program.  Daimler’s Retail Integration Program enables integration of dealer systems (notably DMS systems) to integrate with Daimler’s back-end systems.  This past June marked the completion of the 100th integration project, a significant milestone.

For Daimler, their main goal is to facilitate more integration and make their retail interfaces available to the many Dealer System Providers (DSPs) which provide software to their global retail network.  The more integration functionality the DSP opts into, the greater the effect it has on the digital transformation process for the retailer.

Motive Retail has built self-service utilities within Motive Integrator™ that enable DSPs to opt into and certify against any one of Daimler’s available interfaces.  The Motive Integrator™ platform is the one-stop-shop that provides all relevant documentation, developer testing – including mock services and automated tooling – that is made available 24/7 around the world.  Additionally, Motive Retail acts as the primary point of contact for all DSPs and provides all technical support that may be required during a DSPs development and testing phases. On top of providing certification services to the DSPs, Motive Integrator™ is being used as a knowledge base for approximately 200 internal Daimler users and facilitates communication to Daimler’s DSP network regarding current updates, issues and news regarding the interfaces.

Within the last 2 years, there has been increased demand for the program and an increasing number of integration projects.  Today, 43 unique DSPs have been on boarded in Motive Integrator™ and the program now spans 21 countries.

  •     One-stop solution for the DSP
  •     Cost-effective solution with calculable one-time costs
  •     Superior quality assurance by Motive Retail certification process
  •     Limited involvement and support necessary from Daimler
  •     Faster integration roll-outs

We look forward to continuing to help expand Daimler’s Retail Integration footprint for many more years to come.  Here is to 100 more successful project implementations!

If you are an OEM or DSP operating in the automotive, construction equipment, powersport, or collision industries and have integration business objectives which need to be achieved, please reach out. Motive Retail strives to exceed expectations and continues to do so one project at a time!