Don’t Let Another Deal Slip Over Systems Integration!


Folks, there is no doubt about it, being able to effectively implement and manage systems integration continues to emerge as a necessary evil in the dealership system provider (DSP) space.  No matter how you look at it, your company has to be able to quickly and efficiently deliver on integration needs for both your prospects and customers. If you don’t, your business is going to suffer and you will continue to struggle to gain the market share that you expect.

During a dealer’s evaluation process when considering new software, integration undoubtedly is on the list of questions that are going to get asked.  Here is what’s happening during the sales process for most DSPs when selling to dealers. The dealership asks “here is a list of my current technology vendors, can you be sure you can integrate with the vendors that I have in place at my dealership?” The vendor says “oh yeah we can integrate with anyone,” but on the backside of that 9 out of 10 times there are at least 1-3 systems on that list the DSP cannot integrate with, so now what happens?

As the DSP, you know your solution checks all the boxes for that dealer, so the process begins of trying to integrate your application to the systems that you currently have no connection to, right?  Your product management teams get brought into the conversations around what deal is on the table and the questions from the team start flying, can you reach out to vendor A to see how we can integrate? How long do you think it will take for us to get the integration to Vendor B?  When do you think I could tell the dealer we are good to go etc…?

Just think about all of the resources, meetings, headaches, and emails that go into a deal that is hung up around your application not being able to integrate with another, it’s a large amount of time and money.

Let’s face the facts, DSPs are really good at providing specific solutions to dealers that help them to be more productive to make more cash.  But most of the time, DSPs struggle at wiring up their solution with other solutions. In my opinion, this is due to a few factors:

  • A lack of experience in integration
  • An integration strategy simply wasn’t thought of
  • Time and money wasn’t spent on the proper resources to support such an initiative
  • It all just feels like yet another one-off project…..

As integration continues to trend as a hot topic in automotive retail, perhaps it’s time to explore alternatives for how your company manages such a requirement.

At Motive, we have a keen sense for how to implement and execute integration initiatives, and we do it fast and accurately for customers who often struggle with scenarios described above.  Our solutions and expertise can help your company realize that integration doesn’t have to be the “black sheep” of your business.  Motive has proven time and time again that we can take one of the most complex parts of automotive retail and simplify it in a way that helps companies realize results rapidly.  Below are some operative strategies that we use to support our customers.

  • Help to create the integration roadmap – Your team is good at creating solutions/tools for dealers for day-to-day activities, however, they are not data integration experts. Motive literally manages hundreds of integration projects every year where we work with numerous companies all over the world. We are familiar with the challenges, risks, and market trends related to integration.  We can help you define an integration roadmap that solves your most pressing problems.


  • Effective tooling and platform – Once the roadmap is ready, you need tools and a platform that can help bring the roadmap to life. With Motive you have options on deciding how to execute ranging from our out-of-the-box managed service offering that takes the work off your plate completely, or, you can leverage our SaaS model which provides your staff a complete toolset that will expedite the process of getting effective integration points designed, setup and published. Either way, the Motive Integrator™ platform will make partner integration quicker and pain-free for both you and your partners.


  • Ongoing integration support – We all know that data integration typically isn’t a one-off event. Once the roadmap is set, development is complete, and the integration points are exposed on the platform, it’s now a necessity to ensure quality when folks integrate their application to yours. Also, worth noting, is being able to address and keep up with requested changes as integration to your application matures. Typically, companies that try to handle this on their own become less efficient and will often bottleneck the overall support needed to keep the integration effective. Motive will handle the burden as we have the team to scale when necessary in order to support your needs.

Frankly put DSPs shouldn’t be losing deals over integration but it happens day in and day out.  If you’ve lost even one deal over integration, its one too many in our opinion.  If all of this resonates with you, get in contact, we’d love to commiserate…we mean help!!