Milestones and Picnics

June 4 marks our 11 year anniversary as a company.  We’ll be celebrating that with our annual family picnic on Sunday in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.  A large group of Motive friends and family will get together for some food, some play and a whole lot of fun.  In fact we’ll be celebrating all week long with some classic Colorado hiking and biking and some pretty competitive Virtual Reality games.  

Milestones are important to our team as they remind us just how far we’ve come.  11 years ago, Motive Integrator was simply a twinkle in our eye.  Today it has more than 1,000 users all over the globe.  Last year alone our system processed more than 18,000 test cases across 475 unique integration projects.  And we’re just getting started! Many of those users were surveyed at the end of their projects and the consistent themes are:

“Motive Integrator is easy to navigate and use”

“Project status tools are helpful”

“Certification testing process is simple and intuitive”

Over the summer we’ll be rolling out new testing functionality, improved SaaS features, new integration solutions and more.  Did I mention we’re just getting started? But for today, we’ll toast to another great year for our company, our team and our customers.