Bring on the Automotive CRM Shift!

I came across this article written by Todd Smith President and CEO of 360Converge, Inc. “7 Seismic Shifts Coming to Automotive CRM,” a few days ago.  The title speaks for itself as to what the article is about, but what really caught my attention and what I hope becomes a reality are three things:  

  • Enhanced Lead Data and the potential that a STAR format can be adopted so CRMs can consume the additional data available, that is not being circulated today.
  • CRMs embracing the need to provide API integration programs to support the innovation that will continue to carry the automotive CRM market forward.
  • Inventory Data Enhancements which ultimately relies on the data making its way from OEM databases to the software providers.

Todd is right, each of the areas he outlines and specifically the three mentioned above are super crucial to the ongoing success of the automotive CRM space.  However, taking action and implementing plans to succeed in each of these areas is the next step and quite frankly the big question mark. So, who is going to step up and make these shifts become a true reality?  I would love to hear opinions about the article and what some of you would propose.

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