Seven Is Our Lucky Number

Do you remember 2008? The financial crisis, the beginning of the “Great Recession”?

What a great time to start a business right? But wait, it gets better. How about starting a business in the automotive industry? At a time when many large automakers were teetering on the verge of bankruptcy and closing dealerships, seven years ago, Motive Retail was opening its doors for the very first time. Why? Because we knew 2 things:

1) The automotive industry would come back stronger than ever

2) We were incredibly passionate about the industry and had a great idea that we needed to share

Not to toot our own horn, (okay, maybe a little), as it turned out we were right on both counts. Today the automotive industry is flourishing and our “great idea” has become Motive Integrator, the industry standard for retail system integration. In the past seven years, we have expanded internationally, added incredible talent to our team and are well positioned for some exciting growth (stay tuned for future announcements)!

What’s next? Well keep your eye out for our new website as well as some amazing improvements to the functionality and user interface for the Motive Integrator software. Of course, we will continue to do more of the things that have brought us to this milestone; innovation, nurturing our partner relationships and providing world class client support.

It’s been a fast and furious ride, but we are very grateful for all of the success that we have enjoyed, the friends that we have made along the way and the impact that we have been able to have within the automotive industry. We especially want to thank our many partners including Ford, Daimler, Porsche, Volkswagen, Autosoft and many others. Without their tremendous loyalty and valuable feedback, Motive Retail would not be the company that it is today. Thank You! Danke! Gracias!


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