Motive Integrator Self Certification

Until now Motive has provided certification services strictly as a managed service based on our Motive Integrator software. This approach has worked well as Motive Integrator provided the platform on which Motive Integration Analysts have delivered more than 150 dealer system certifications. In the process we have continuously improved Motive Integrator to make the support and certification process more and more intuitive and increasingly automated. The result is a proven system that can stand on its own and deliver certified dealer systems supported by OEM teams as easily as Motive’s team.

We never expected that the managed service model would be the best approach in all cases. There are many OEMs and import/sales companies around the world with varying language, cultural and business practices. Sometimes local teams have the relationships and specialized knowledge that make them best suited to support DSP integration projects. This is precisely the situation with Ford of Mexico’s plans to roll out Ford’s Universal Database (UDB ) integration to all dealers in their market. Though Motive’s managed service supports Ford’s UDB program globally as well as the larger Mexican DSPs, there were a large number of smaller DSPs and dealers with in-house DMS that would be best served by the local Ford team. This team will use the same Motive Integrator software and automated testing tools that support the global program, but will manage the local program themselves in a “self certification” approach. This is a “best of both worlds” scenario for Ford offering regions the option to choose the preferred support model while the HQ team has all program status information in one system.

Motive Retail’s mission is to help OEMs improve dealer performance though faster, better and more reliable dealer systems certification. Whether OEMs or their regions want self-certification or the full managed service, we stand ready to make this happen.

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