Lay solid foundations for new integrations

We’ve talked before about how dealer systems integration is not just an IT thing. When designed well, integration between systems can deliver enormous business benefits to both dealers and OEMs.

Too often, we find “the business” deferring to their technical colleagues during the critical design and business requirements phase of any new integration project. In many cases, the IT teams at the OEMs are not the owners of the proposed new integrated business process, may not have detailed knowledge of dealer processes in the stores, or all of the key systems involved.

Integrations which are well designed and conceived require the partnership of both business and technical teams to work together to carefully evaluate all requirements. A strong foundation of clear business objectives, even at a data level, provides the basis for successful implementations. Making the right choices early helps to accelerate integration implementations, lower costs and ensure business value is delivered.

The design of a particular interface or set of integration points based on their unique and custom requirements is what can set our clients apart from their competitors, providing them strategic advantage. Better interface design aligns with the way dealer systems work and other industry initiatives, harmonizing automaker, DSP and dealer requirements.

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