The Integrated Dealership is Here!

Most automakers offer their dealers at least a limited set of interfaces for integration of the DMS with OEM systems to simplify routine activities like parts ordering and financial statement submission. A few OEMs provide a broader set of higher value integration points that are producing big improvements in dealership operations. Motive Retail is honored to have been entrusted with the job of putting these interfaces to work for several OEMs. These OEMs are enabling big operational improvements for their dealers. But dealers have still been hampered by the inability of the systems within the dealership to effectively, reliably and securely interact with each other.

In many cases DMS and other dealer systems (CRM, F&I, etc.) have either been non-integrated or poorly integrated through “hostile” data sharing approaches that are insecure and increasingly unreliable. The answer to this problem is for DSPs to publish interfaces to which third-party DSPs can subscribe. A number of DSPs have produced such APIs. In theory this approach is a win for the DSPs who are now able to sell their systems to a broader range of dealers, and also a win for the dealers who are able to select the systems they prefer without concern about interoperability. But these wins only materialize when the published interfaces are paired with programs that effectively and efficiently support the implementation of those interfaces.

Last week Autosoft, one of the largest DSPs in North America, announced it will partner with Motive Retail to manage its third-party integration program, AutoSoft Connect. Autosoft is tapping into the sophistication and power of the Motive Integrator™ dealer systems integration portal which until now has only been available to OEMs. Motive will publish specifications for the Autosoft Connect interfaces in Motive Integrator, where approved DSPs will have access to everything they need to implement, test and certify their systems. Autosoft Connect will be supported by the same tools and testing facilities that have been so effective supporting OEM integrations. We are excited to work with Autosoft to accelerate the implementation of Autosoft Connect and deliver wins to Autosoft, it partners and their dealers.

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