Motive Integrator makes integration projects easier

We’ve been working for the past 5 years to expand the functionality in Motive Integrator and refine our processes for Dealer System Certification. Feedback from the DSPs we work with on behalf of our OEM clients is invaluable and we take all comments, suggestions, even criticisms seriously. We want to know what works, what we can improve and what users of Motive Integrator like or don’t like. Our feeling is that the better we can make our tools and processes, the faster DSPs can complete new integrations and roll them out to dealers.

Recently we worked with the team at Advent Resources to certify their system for a set of VW and Audi interfaces. The project was smooth and painless for VWGoA with no involvement required by any of their resources. Here’s what John Stough from Advent had to say.

“Motive Retail has significantly improved our ability to develop new OEM integrations.”

“We recently completed a complete ground up development for VW and Audi in less than 4 weeks from start to finish. That would have never been possible without the Motive Integrator tools. Those tools eliminated the waiting on an OEM to provide documentation, testing facilities, testing resources, and test results. Getting the project to pilot was solely dependent upon us. I wish all OEMs were as easy to deal with as VWGoA (thanks to Motive).”

If you have a comment or suggestion to offer about any aspect of the Motive Integrator platform please let us know. We want to hear about it!

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