Motive Integrator Support Boards

A fundamental principle of Motive Integrator is to support the information needs of users in ways which improve efficiencies and offer flexibility during integration projects.

One way we do this is through the Motive Integrator Support Boards which are set up for each integration project. These are used primarily by DSP users who are engaged in various aspects of a project from design through to rollout. They act as an online FAQ, contributed to by the community of DSPs engaged in a project with our OEM client. Users can post questions (anonymously if they choose), search for information across all posts and categories and subscribe to the board so they receive an email or RSS feed when responses are posted. Depending on the client, the Motive support team monitors and responds to posts, or in some cases, OEM personnel respond directly. Many kinds of routine and complex questions or requirement clarifications are handled in this way.

Early on, DSP users were wary of this approach, more accustomed to raising questions separately offline and tracking via spreadsheets. We think we’re winning them over. Feedback in the past months has been overwhelmingly positive and you only have to look at the number and breadth of posts in some of our active projects to see that the support boards are widely used.

What we’re hearing.

  • Users like the ability to search in case a similar question has come up before and then go directly to the answer. This saves time.
  • Accessing the history of all posts, online, 24/7 means all team members (including remote) keep up to speed. This improves project collaboration.
  • For global projects, the boards improve communications across time zones with fast and concise replies. No negative impact on development, Developers continue progress without delay.

If you’d like to learn more about other ways in which Motive Integrator supports global integration initiatives feel free to contact us or visit

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