A Volkswagen View on Motive Retail

We have been working with Motive Retail for the past few years. Over this period of time Motive has routinely improved and added to the functionality of the Motive Integrator portal, refined their processes and expanded their service offerings. We have been a beneficiary of Motive’s investments in their business and their commitment to excellence in dealer systems integration.

The recent enhancements in their testing capabilities are particularly interesting to us and will deliver a lot of value as we move forward with our DSP partners on new integrations this year. As we all know, testing can be a real challenge and in our case we have multiple environments and teams both here and in Germany which need to be involved and are impacted when things don’t go smoothly.

The new Testing Suite will help us eliminate a lot of issues before we ever get to testing with our QA systems and teams. DSPs will be able to test their code during their development cycle and again in a preliminary phase of Certification Testing without our involvement.

Our testing teams will have detailed visibility and when it does come time to test systems end-to-end we can leverage these Testing Apps to make that process more efficient and keep our resources productive.

At the end of the day, it’s important to execute on these projects and keep delivering value to our dealers through more and better system integration. Motive continues to be a valuable partner to help us deliver on this promise.

Jay Fee

Process Integration Manager, Dealer and Aftersales
Volkswagen Group of America

STAR (Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail)

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