Motive Retail to manage DSP Certification Program for Porsche

Motive is pleased to announce that it has added Porsche Cars North America as a new automaker client. Porsche is embarking on a new global program to implement a range of integrations with the key DMS systems used by its dealer body. This is the first project of its kind at Porsche in a number of years and demonstrates their commitment to improving retail performance through greater integration between systems. Motive will be providing all services for management of DSP Integration and Certification activities including the development of all integration specifications, DSP technical support, certification testing and dealer pilots.

An interesting aspect of this program is that Porsche will use STAR standards for the North American interfaces with DMS systems and these interfaces have been aligned with Volkswagen Group of America requirements for similar interfaces. Not only will there be consistency in data structure and many data requirements but the Porsche interfaces will also leverage the VW integration infrastructure for web service communications. This is intended to provide implementation efficiencies for both Porsche and their key DMS partners.

The first phase of new dealer integrations includes interfaces for campaign, recall and vehicle information plus integration with PIWIS, a key service system used by all Porsche dealers. Both the Porsche and VW programs will utilize Motive Integrator, including new automated testing apps.

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