Motive Retail is Proud to Support Our Customers 


At Autologica we’ve found the Motive Integrator process and tools offers the quickest and most efficient way for us to develop and test the integrations we need for our customers. Saving time developing OEM integrations means we can focus more energy and resources on new features and enhancements in our core software. It’s really a win for us, for our customers and our OEM partners.

AutoSoft, Inc.

Autosoft has worked with Motive Retail to implement OEM integrations, and we’ve been impressed with the way their “shift-left” testing approach reduced our development effort. As we developed our own third-party integration program, Autosoft Connect, we wanted to deliver the same capability to our partners. Moving faster than the competition is important to Autosoft, and Motive Retail helps us do that.

DealerTrack Technologies

We’ve benefitted immensely from Motive’s involvement with our OEM integration efforts. The engineering and testing specs they send us are clear, concise, and easy to implement. We love testing through their Motive Integrator site because it is so fast and clear. I’m sure we’ve saved hundreds of hours of time by working with Motive.

Ford Motor Company

The Ford Global UDB initiative is a groundbreaking global program that allows Ford to receive critical operational data from individual dealers and to feed this data into their Ford Customer Service Division (FCSD) Dashboard and feed downstream systems and programs. It allows Ford an unprecedented view into each of their locations worldwide. Success with Exports & Markets Systems (EMS) led to Ford incorporating the EMS model into the Global UDB (GUDB) Program. Motive Retail has been a Ford partner since 2009.

Pentana Solutions

As a Global DMS supplier with OEM integrations with most brands in multiple markets, time to delivery is vital. Motive’s approach makes a lot of sense and makes it easier to get integrations in place for our dealers which is something we would support.

Jaguar Land Rover

Motive Retail helped Jaguar Land Rover onboard new DSP partners for four distinct interface integrations. We couldn’t have been more satisfied with what we got from Motive. The common perspective in industry is that [integration services] don’t directly sell cars or move parts, but it’s hard to argue against taking a complicated landscape and simplifying it to get vendors up and live in six (6) months compared to the five (5) years it took us without Motive. The value add is immeasurable.

Volkswagen Group of America

Motive Retail has been offering VWGoA a wide range of integration services since 2009. They have a unique understanding of the technical and retail process needed for integration projects that I have not seen matched in any other vendor. The continued improvements in Motive Integrator have been a critical success factor for the testing rollout and communications of our integrations.

Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW)

BMW North America has migrated 13 legacy DMS interfaces to a new architecture with Motive’s help. Testing was a key component of the migration and leveraging an automated process for testing was essential to meet the timelines and expectations.