Disrupting the way businesses integrate in automotive retail.

Take the EASY path

If you have a need to integrate your application to other systems, it’s time to stop the madness of multiple integrations and choose the easy path – Motive Integrator eXchange (MIX)

It’s time to get in the MIX!

Any System, Any Time, Any Where

Reduce the cost, time and pain of integrating systems across automotive retail with Motive Integrator

See how Motive Retail makes complex integration simple 

Focus on what you do best, and let the integration experts handle the integration.

Third party integrations are costly

Working with third parties on complex integrations inherently introduces variables in the process you can’t control, and results you can’t predict. You’re often left with bad data, heavy support costs, and frustrated customers.

Accelerate & improve partner integrations

Motive Integrator Certify presents your proprietary business and technical specifications with clarity, tests partner software code for compliance, delivers certified systems, and even tracks projects and handles dealer activation.

Minimize your integration cost & effort

Streamline your partner integrations and explore how you can reduce integration complexity by implementing Motive Integrator eXchange standardized APIs.


20+ Years of Industry Expertise

Motive Retail has been facilitating retail API integrations with many of the top car manufacturers (OEMs) and Dealer System Providers (DSPs) since 2008.

Our perspectives are broad, and our knowledge is deep.

Motive Retail’s unique position as an integration facilitator ensures your interests are protected.

We believe the dealer and OEM will make the best decision on the systems that optimize their businesses. We focus on ensuring the fastest, best path to the interoperability of those systems.

Motive Retail 

  • Stakes no claim to dealer, consumer or OEM data rights
  • Does not sell dealer software.  We are focused on supporting optimal data flow to/from any system
  • Systems are SOC2 compliant

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