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Reduce the cost, time and pain of integrating systems across automotive retail with Motive Integrator

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Focus on what you do best, and let the integration experts handle the integration.

The need to exchange data across systems in automotive retail is increasing.

Avoid the costs, risks, and duplication of integrating the old way

New technologies and the Covid19 pandemic have greatly accelerated the digital transformation in automotive retail.  With the proliferation of new auto technology companies, parties need faster, more efficient means to integrate that simultaneously maintain compliance with a growing body of data sharing regulations.

We’ve certified over a thousand integrations around the globe in automotive and similar industries and counting!

We’ve designed, facilitated, validated and transacted more than a thousand system integrations across car manufacturers, DMS providers, and auto tech companies globally.
We are experts in providing the fastest, most effective means of systems interoperability that result in the highest quality, most secure data for authorized parties.
Motive Retail does not sell systems directly to dealers, nor does it stake claim to or sell data.

Our mission is to promote the free-flow of authorized data across ALL systems that collectively make auto retail succeed.

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